Dr. A’s Office

photo of Dr. A's office tableCommissioned in order to fit a specific niche in an office. The table has classical proportions with details that reflect an early 20th century modern aesthetic. Reinforcing a motif begun with the Tiny Parabolic Table, the legs provide the drama in the design. The gently curving, tapering legs appear in tension as an athlete or dancer at the ready. Unusual curly walnut.
photo of Dr. A's table detailDrawers that are made exquisitely are a pleasure to behold. Strong, light, and well proportioned, they seem to glide in and out of their case on a delicate puff of air. These drawers have been constructed with book-matched walnut fronts and cherry interiors. Hand made drawer pulls match the under-bevel on the table’s top.
photo of Parabolic TableNot quite a coffee table and not really a footstool either. By client request this table is just large enough to accommodate a box of tissues and maybe a beverage. It is quite low in order to compliment a Mies van der Rohe (last director of the avant-garde Bauhaus Design School) Barcelona Couch. The sweeping arches of the legs compliment and soften the very rectilinear form of the couch. In solid black walnut.
photo of full officeA soothing blend of forms, textures and colors where the furniture was designed and crafted to complement existing pieces and artwork.