Hi. I’m Matt Kestenbaum. Thanks for stopping by!

I have a question for you:

When was the last time something was made for you? Not a meal or a cocktail or a cappuccino, but something meant to last. Just for you and only you. A hand knit sweater or a patchwork-sewn quilt maybe?

I would like the opportunity to build something uniquely for you, I am a one-man studio, so from first conversation about design to construction and even delivery I am at your service. Chief cook and bottle washer, as they say.

My path to building custom furniture started as a consumer. It’s true that I spent my young adult years training to be a chef…and I did cook at some very famous (in their time) kitchens. And the love of craft, creative process and steady hands had been stirred deeply in me. Shortly after earning a liberal arts degree I found myself as an Assistant Editor of Fine Cooking Magazine. The food magazine was interesting, but Fine Woodworking Magazine was down the hall and the work in those pages was breathtaking.

After earning an MBA, making several career progressions, starting a family and moving to several states, I found myself saying things like “we will never, ever buy another piece of furniture that comes packed flat with a bag of dowels for assembly.”

Classes in woodworking and building furniture for our home eventually led to pieces for family and friends. Perhaps I can create a unique piece for you that will enhance the beauty, warmth and comfort of your home or office.

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